Photo recognition is now used for retail shelves

Jun 4, 2021

Thanks to artificial intelligence, photo recognition can also find use in retail. Used as part of CRM, it helps sales representatives check the goods in the stores. KVADOS has joined forces with ParallelDots, one of the world’s leading research groups in artificial intelligence. We will be the company’s sole representative on the Czech and Slovak markets. The use of AI means the myAVIS® CRM solution will offer up to 99% accuracy in photo recognition.

The integrated solution means sales reps and merchandisers will no longer have to work manually when checking the in store goods. They no longer have to manually collate data on the goods’ presence on the shelf or whether the planogram has been correctly followed. Simply take a photo, the artificial intelligence extracts the data and then processes them for further use. This significantly reduces the time required for in-store data acquisition, so the time saved can be used to give the product further sales and marketing support.

This innovation is based on artificial intelligence, a technology that uses deep learning algorithms similar to facial recognition on smartphones. In this case, however, it is used to detect products on retail shelves. At the beginning of the process, high quality photos of the products are taken, then machine learning helps the artificial intelligence “learn” to recognize the goods from different angles. Then the neural network is trained to extract data from the photos. The algorithms need to be fine-tuned to cope with, for example, glare, blurry images or pictures taken from a bad angle. The system is constantly learning and once it is fine-tuned, product recognition is up to 99% accurate. During routine operation, the system is then able to adapt quickly and register a new item within 24 hours.

Jedna fotografie pokryje všechny agendy

By implementing AI directly into myAVIS® CRM, the user gains a powerful tool for their work, one that not only guides them through making a sales visit, from preparation to reporting, but also helps them assess their metrics and respond to changes. Thanks to well-prepared reports, not only can managers see the data, but also the outputs and can thus react so the KPIs are duly met. Using artificial intelligence, they can evaluate defined KPIs that they can then customize. This includes checking the goods, shelf presence, share of shelf, planogram adherence, checking secondary placement (freestanding displays), running promotions or checking the placement and legibility of price tags.

This technology is available in myAVIS® CRM as an extension module called ShelfTRACK AI. There will also be a special edition of myAVIS® Shelf AI that has a component for clients who use a smaller range of functions during the sales representative’s work, but they need to monitor stores and shelves using the unique photo recognition technology.

Both KVADOS and ParallelDots have completed a successful pilot project for TCHIBO Slovakia. Talking about the cooperation,Róbert Vágner, Sales Supervisor of TCHIBO Slovensko, said: “The myAVIS® CRM mobile app with ParallelDots’ ShelfTRACK AI add-on module has pleasantly surprised me with the final reliability of the assessed data, which was my initial concern when introducing the pilot project. We had to tweak the quality of the photos we took and pay attention during the recognition technology’s initial “learning curve” for our products, but the result is well worth it. I am wholly convinced that using it in routine operations will significantly increase our sales representatives’ efficiency. Taking pictures of the goods and then automatically rating the images will save our sales representatives a lot of time, time they can then spend on activities with greater added value.” Other projects with major clients are already in the pipeline.

O společnosti ParallelDots

Společnost patří mezi nejlepší výzkumné skupiny umělé inteligence na světě. Byla založena v USA, ale hlavní vývojové centrum má v Indii. Spolupracuje s podniky po celém světě a specializuje se konkrétně na Image Recognition (rozpoznávání obrazu). Jejich produkt ShelfWatch byl uveden na trh roku 2018 a pomáhá tak společnostem optimalizovat vystavení v prodejnách a maximalizovat prodej. Mezi klienty společnosti ParallelDots patří například špičky na trhu jako Unilever, Nestlé, GSK, Mondeléz, BAT a řada dalších.



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